AJB CREATIVE began as a way for me to continue creating engaging, inspiring content. I want to follow my passions, while helping other small businesses to grow.

I started my digital marketing career in Australia more than a decade ago, working with a team of developers and designers to create a superannuation template that could be re-worked for different clients.

I spent years in Australian Telcos, including Telstra (recently named Australia’s most valuable brand), creating engaging content alongside the Telstra Media team, and pulling together exciting competitions for our customers. Optus followed, where I worked with the Help & Support team to create an avatar, or virtual agent, named ‘Olivia‘.

In 2014, I moved to Singapore. My work can be found on Sassy Media and Expat Living. I am currently working on special projects with the YST Conservatory of Music, occasional touring with musician David Foster, and other media organisations to promote events in our region.

Take a peek at my portfolio for my recent writing, and please contact me if you would like to work together!

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